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filters :: resize


GetDefaultResizer(bool "with_params")


Returns the current default resizer that is used by the Resize... family of filters when the resizer parameter does not explicitly be supplied to them.

If with_params is true then any additional parameters used by the resizer are returned as well, in the order supplied to SetDefaultResizer(), making the return value an array [1]. Else a single string is returned.


oldrsz = GetDefaultResizer(true)

items = oldrsz.ArrayLen

dummy = SetDefaultResizer(oldrsz.ArrayGet(0), (items > 1 ? oldrsz.ArrayGet(1) : Undef()), (items > 2 ? oldrsz.ArrayGet(2) : Undef()))


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[1]: If the current resizer does not require any additional parameters an array of length 1 (ie a simple string) is returned.