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AVSLib is an extension library for the Avisynth non-linear video editing script language. The best way to think of AVSLib is as a general-purpose toolkit to Avisynth script developers for enhancing their ability to perform complex linear and non-linear video editing tasks.

Main Features

Currently, AVSLib offers to Avisynth script developers, among other things:

More are planned for the future; see the project's roadmap.

However, the more important thing is that AVSLib offers the tools for the developing of even more advanced applications. See the backgrounders/tutorials section and also the example scripts section of the documentation for technical information and real use cases.

Details, Specifications and Usage

Background information about the library's structure and specifications, naming conventions and reserved names is also available. In addition, the project's FAQs also provide information on common questions about the use of the AVSLib library. Installation instructions are provided on a separate page.

The library is implemented as a set of native Avisynth script language modules (customarily named with the .avsi extension), possibly backed up by (AVSLib-generated or 3rd party) Avisynth plugins, that can be imported into the script with the functions provided by the new in version 1.1.0 AVSLib loader.

The new installer will copy the loader and the library's load-config files inside the Avisynth plugins directory so that they auto-load. Thus, inside the script all that is needed to use AVSLib is to insert an appropriate combination of LoadLibrary, LoadPackage and LoadModule in order to load the desired components that your script needs.

Finally, don't forget in each new release of AVSLib to review the change log in order to be quickly informed about new additions, corrections and bugfixes.