Backgrounders and tutorials index

Understanding containers

An introduction to the internals of the container data types, the selections made, the creative possibilities offered by containers and hints for effective use of them.


Container operators

An introduction, with many examples, to container operator functions along with guidelines for getting the most out of them.


Understanding editing filters

An introduction to editing filters and the editing model they follow along with a detailed presentation of user supplied post-editing functions, an AVSLib enhancement to standard editing operations. [Version 1.1.0 update]


Understanding animation filters

An introduction to animation filters, their coordinate system, the significance of masks and effective usage tips and examples. [Version 1.1.0 update]


Using the loader module to build Avisynth script libraries

An introduction to the loader module and its facilities for efficient creation of (unlimited in size and complexity) Avisynth script libraries. [New in version 1.1.0]