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History and Present

AVSLib originated as an attempt to enrich Avisynth (rev. 2) script language with features commonly encountered in other scripting languages, notably container types and general library functions.

These features, in combination with the large number of plugable modules (plugins) developed for Avisynth by noumerous third-party developers, provide the foundations for a system with enhanced NLE capabilities, extensibility and ease of deployment of new editing projects.

Up to its present state AVSLib development concentrated on the creation of the above mentioned machinery. In summary, as of today (version 1.1.0):

While this is a trend that will still be followed during the next few releases, additional targets have been added to the project's agenda, as the next section briefly outlines.

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Future (roadmap)

This section provides a gross insight of the plans of AVSLib developers for the future. Only the major steps are presented; addition of more functions on any module is a procedure that will be routinely performed and thus it does not need special mention.

Any additional ideas or suggestions are welcomed.

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Support & Communication

All support requests and project communication should go through the AVSLib project page at More specifically:

Any communication not falling in any of the above categories should be addressed to the project admininstrator.

Additional information may be found in the FAQs page.

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This section has moved to the change log (and also inline to each specific filter / function documentation that is applicable).

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