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How do I install AVSLib?

Installation instructions are provided at a separate page of the documentation.


How do I install multiple versions of AVSLib?

You just install them in different folders and use the proper importing mechanism of each version in your scripts.

Note that 1.0.x and 1.1.x importing mechanisms are completely different.

For example:

Suppose you want to install versions 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 under the C:\Program Files\AVSLib\ main folder. You may choose the following destinations for each of the above distributions:

  • C:\Program Files\AVSLib\version_1-0-0
  • C:\Program Files\AVSLib\version_1-1-0

Now in order to use each version in you scripts (assuming full features are wanted), you will add the following line into your script:

Version 1.0.0:

		Import("C:\Program Files\AVSLib\version_1-0-0\headers\avslib-h.avsi")

Version 1.1.0:

		LoadLibrary("avslib", CONFIG_AVSLIB_FULL)


I want a partial install of AVSLib, how can it be accomplished?

There is no need for a partial install. From version 1.1.0 and later AVSLib allows selective loading into your scripts of only the desired features, through the use of the loader module.

See the LoadModule(), LoadPackage() and LoadLibrary() documentation for details. Also the "Using the loader module to build Avisynth script libraries" tutorial.


How do I know what version of AVSLib I have installed in my system?

Enter the following lines of code to a script:

		LoadModule("avslib", "base", "version")

Note that this will only work for version 1.1.0 and later.


How do I uninstall AVSLib?

Depending of your type of install, either run the provided uninstaller or simply delete all associated files.

See the "Uninstalling AVSlib" section of the installation instructions page for details.


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