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ArrayFill(val base, int count, bool "strict")


Returns an array consisting of count copies of base (each copy can be independently manipulated).

If count == 0, a null string is returned.

The "strict" optional parameter when set to false makes the function to return a null (zero length) array when a negative count value is passed (the default behavior is to throw an error).


a1 = ArrayFill(1, 5) # a1 == "1,1,1,1,1"

clp = AviSource(...)

a2 = ArrayFill(clp, 4)

# a2 now contains 4 copies of clp, each one independent of clp

a2 = a2.ArraySet(0, a2.ArrayGet(0).Tweak(hue=20))

a2 = a2.ArraySet(3, a2.ArrayGet(0).Tweak(cont=2))

# a2 1st and 4th elements are now different from the others

a3 = ArrayFill(2.35, 0) # a3 == "" (empty array)

# this will halt script with an error

a4 = ArrayFill("abc", -1)

# this will return a null array (same result as a3, above)

a5 = ArrayFill("abc", -1, false)


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