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ArrayGetString(string array, int index)


Retrieves and returns the string representation of an array's element, as it is stored internally to the array; no attempt is made to evaluate the element by passing its string representation to Eval().

This function is intended primarily for extension developers.


a1 = "0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5"

s1 = a1.ArrayGetString(0) # s1 == "0.5"

c1 = AVISource(...)

a2 = ArrayCreate(c1, c1.Trim(0, -50), c1.Trim(50, -50), c1.Tweak(hue=120))

s2 = a2.ArrayGetString(1)

# assuming this is the 1st clip array created by the script

# s2 == "__acp__2"

return Eval(s2)

# the script will return the second element of a2, ie c1.Trim(0, -50).


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