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array :: slices


ArrayJoin(string "arr01", string "arr02", string "arr03", string "arr04", ... , string "arr20")


Joins the arrays passed as arguments (arr01, arr02, ...) serially, in the order specified, into one array. Returns the resulting array.

Notes and conditions on arguments relations:

1] If none argument is supplied, the function returns an empty array (ie an array with zero elements).


a1 = ArrayCreate(AVISource(.1.), AVISource(.2.), AVISource(.3.))

a1 = a1.ArrayInsert(AVISource(.4.), 0)

# a1 now contains clips {(.4.),(.1.),(.2.),(.3.)}

a2 = a1.ArrayInvert()

# a2 now contains clips {(.3.),(.2.),(.1.),(.4.)}

a3 = ArrayJoin(a1, a2)

# a3 now contains clips {(.4.),(.1.),(.2.),(.3.),(.3.),(.2.),(.1.),(.4.)}

a4 = ArrayJoin(a2, a1)

# a4 now contains clips {(.3.),(.2.),(.1.),(.4.),(.4.),(.1.),(.2.),(.3.)}


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