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ArrayPrintCP(string array, int "columns")


Returns a clip with the values of the elements contained in array printed in separate lines (one line for each element). [1]

The function always return a clip with the height[2] of the clip stored in the PrintBase global variable.

If the number of elements is such that the output cannot be fit into one page, additional pages (ie frames) are added to the clip.

In addition the elements may be printed in more than one columns per page, if columns is suplied and > 1.



# check if a lot of script variables have correct values

# by embedding the following lines of code

ar = ArrayCreate(var1, var2, ..., var50)

return ArrayPrintCP(ar)

# if we wanted one 'page' then we could use

# return ArrayPrintCP(ar, 2)



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[1]:Note that if the string representation of a variable's value is very long it may be clipped.

[2]:All debug printing functions return a clip with the width of the clip stored in the PrintBase global variable.