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EditInsert(clip base, clip inclip, int frame, int "ins_frames", int "op", string "extra_info")


Inserts a specified number of frames of an insert clip to a base clip, starting at a specified frame position. The resulting clip will always have >= length from base clip.


base: The clip to insert frames to.

inclip: The clip to insert frames from.

frame: The frame-number to start inserting frames (the first frame of inclip will correspond to this number in the resulting clip).

"ins_frames" (Optional, defaults to inclip.Framecount): The number of frames to insert from inclip (always starting from the begining of it).

The value of ins_frames is always clamp-ed between zero and inclip.Framecount.

Specifying zero for this argument is the same as ommiting it.

"op" , "extra_info" (Optional): Both have the same semantics as in EditReplace() function.


# load a clip to c and d and then make them 200 frames long

c = AVISource( ... ).EditTrim(0, 200)

d = AVISource( ... ).EditTrim(0, 200)

# now operate on c; use OOP notation

# insert 10 frames of d starting from 0 (+10 increase, 210 total)

i1 = c.EditInsert(d, 0, 10)

# insert 50 frames of d starting from 50 (+50 increase, 250 total)

# use Dissolve() to join result parts with overlap=5

i2 = c.EditInsert(d, 50, 50, EDOP_DISS, "5")

# insert entire d at the end of c (+200 increase, 400 total)

i3 = c.EditInsert(d, c.Framecount)


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