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EditJoin(clip c1, clip c2, clip "c3", clip "c4", .... , clip "c50", int "op", string "extra_info")


Joins up to 50 clips sequentially.

In particular, the ability to specify arbitrary user-functions for the joining allows batch application of transitions and other effects (titles, etc.).


c1, c2, ... , "c50" (Except c1, c2 all other are optional): The clips to join together.

"op" , "extra_info" (Optional): Both have the same semantics as in EditReplace() function.


# load a clip to c and d and then make them 200 frames long

c = AVISource( ... ).EditTrim(0, 200)

d = AVISource( ... ).EditTrim(0, 200)

# now join them (result is 400 frames long)

j1 = EditJoin(c, d)

# lets do something fancier

# Blends last 10 frames of 1st clip with first 10 frames of 2nd

# (this make the result 10 frames shorter than the sum of the clips)

function my_join(clip c1, clip c2) {

sc = c1.EditTrim(0, -10)

ec = c2.EditTrim(10)

mc = Overlay(c1.EditTrim(-10), c2.EditTrim(0, 10), opacity=0.5)

return sc + mc + ec


# join using my_join (result is 390 frames long)

j2 = EditJoin(c, d, op=EDOP_USER, extra_info="my_join")


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