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FloorBs(float x, int "base")


An extension to the Floor standard Avisynth function for arbitrary (integer) base base.[1] It returns the base-base floor of x (ie the largest integral multiple of base that is less or equal to x).


f1 = FloorBs(3.3, 2) # f1 == 2.0

f2 = FloorBs(7.3, 3) # f2 == 6.0

f3 = FloorBs(7.3, 1) # f3 == 7.0


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[1]:Like the Floor standard Avisynth function, FloorBs is non-symmetrical around the axis origin and periodic.

Consequently, the following equalities hold:

Floor(x) = k, x in [k..k+1) for every k in Z

FloorBs(x, b) = kb, x in [k*b..(k+1)*b) for every k in Z