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MergeYUV(clip clipY, clip clipU, clip clipV)


Merges clips clipY, clipU and clipV into a signle YUV clip.

Output colorspace is determined by clipY (YUY2 if RGB/YUY2, YV12 if YV12).[1]

Notes and conditions on arguments relations:

1]: Given (w,h) dimensions of clipY, clipU and clipV dimensions must be (w/2,h) if clipY is RGB / YUY2, (w/2,h/2) if clipY is YV12.


See the MergeRGB() and MergeARGB() documentation for examples.


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[1]:All clip values are treated as pc range (they do not downscale when converting from RGB). See ShowY(), ShowU(), ShowV() documentation for details.