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ResizeOverlay(clip base, clip ovl, int "f_start", int "f_end", int "w_start", int "w_end", int "h_start", int "h_end", bool "pcrange")


Continuously animates a clip's size [1] between a start and end frame, while in parallel overlays it on a base clip. The overlay is done such that the center of the overlayed clip is always on the center of the base clip, irrespectively of its size. [2]


base: The base clip on top of which the size animated ovl clip will be overlayed.

ovl: The clip to animate its size and overlay on top of base clip. Note that unlike other animation functions, such as LineAnim and PolygonAnim, no mask is used.

"f_start" (Optional, defaults to 0): The frame from which the size animation will start.

"f_end" (Optional, defaults to base.Framecount-1): The frame where the size animation will end.

"w_start" (Optional, defaults to ovl.Width): The starting width of the animated ovl clip.

"w_end" (Optional, defaults to ovl.Width): The ending width of the animated ovl clip.

"h_start" (Optional, defaults to ovl.Height): The starting height of the animated ovl clip.

"h_end" (Optional, defaults to ovl.Height): The ending height of the animated ovl clip.

"pcrange" (Optional, defaults to false): Has the same functionality as the pc_range argument of the Overlay() standard Avisynth function.

Notes and conditions on arguments relations:

1] The filter uses internally the Resize filter in order to execute clip resizing when needed. To control which specific Avisynth resizer will be used by the filter place a call to SetDefaultResizer with appropriate parameters before calling the filter.


bs = AVISource(...)

ov = AVISource(...)

# zoom in from 10x10 to 320x240

# change occures between frames 10 and 100

ovs = ResizeOverlay(bs, ov, 10, 100, 10, 320, 10, 240)

# zoom out from 960x720 to 320x240

ovp = ResizeOverlay(bs, ov, 10, 100, 960, 320, 720, 240)


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[1]: This is an intermediate filter used by LineAnim and PolygonAnim filters. Nevertheless it may be useful on certain occasions and thus it is provided as a "public" AVSLib filter.

[2]: The filter uses internally the generic Resize filter. Currently, there is no option to specify a resizer in the argument list and thus resizer selection (if other than the default) must be performed through explicit calls to the SetDefaultResizer() helper function before invoking the filter.