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SplitVideoChannels(clip c, string "pixel_type")


Splits clip c into an array containing the individual clip's channels (R, G, B[, A] or Y, U, V depending on c's colorspace) and (at index 0) a pixel type string description (thus the array returned is a mixed-type array).[1]

The optional pixel_type argument can be used to convert c to a different colorspace on the fly before returning the channels.

To access the channels inside the array it is best to use the ChannelIndex() helper function.


#open a clip and split into channels converting to YV12

ch = SplitVideoChannels(AVISource(), "YV12")

# process the Y channel

#don't forget to update the array

yid = ChannelIndex("Y")

ch.ArraySet(yid, ch.ArrayGet(yid).Levels())

# do further processing


# merge channels when done

rst = MergeVideoChannels(ch)


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[1]:Batch processing of the entire array is still possible. Simply make the custom function to accept a val (ie any) Avisynth type and process an element only if IsClip returns true.