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What is AVSLib?

AVSLib is an extension library for the Avisynth script language. It offers a general-purpose toolkit to Avisynth script developers for enhancing their ability to perform complex linear and non-linear video editing tasks (such as creating timelines, editing and animating clips, etc.) as well as tools to debug scripts, a rich set of functions to handle script variables, new datatypes (arrays and maybe later matrices and dictionaries) and many more.


What makes AVSLib different from other plugins I have found for Avisynth?

AVSLib is a script language extension library. It provides general-purpose code objects (functions, constants, custom datatypes, etc.) that extend the features offered to script developers from the host script language.

To state it in other words, most plugins concentrate on the fulfillment of a specific (usually narrow) set of tasks, while AVSLib concentrates on providing the "glue" that allows effective scripting of both Avisynth's standard tools and plugins.


What are the licencing terms of AVSLib?

See the licence page for information.


Where can I download the latest version of AVSLib?

Both the latest and older versions of AVSLib are available from the AVSLib project page at SourceForge.


Where can I find documentation for AVSLib?

You can find documentation for AVSLib in the following places:


What are the plans for the future?

See the AVSLib project's roadmap.


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