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I want to submit a bug report. What should I do?

Bug reports should be submitted using the AVSLib project's bug tracker system.


I want a feature not included in AVSLib. How can I request it?

Feature requests should be made using the AVSLib project's features request system.


Where can I find support about using AVSLib?

The first place to look for support is the documentation (you are viewing it already).

The next place is the Help / Support AVSLib project's forum.

Please, review carefully the documentation before posting any question to the forums. Most of the time the answer will be there. Also note that questions that are clearly answered by the documentation (such as "...what does the xxx argument of yyy function does?...", "...what is the purpose of function xxx?...", etc.) will have little chance of being answered at all.

For submitting bug-reports and feature requests use the corresponding trackers (see FAQs no #1 and #2 above).

Direct e-mails for support to AVSlib developers will be ignored. This communication channel is reserved for other purposes.


I have a question about AVSLib. Where do I seek for an answer?

For any question, you can seek for an answer to one of the following places:

  1. Inside this documentation (an online version can always be found at AVSLib's home page).
  2. At the most appropriate of the AVSLib project's forums. If the already posted content cannot answer your question, you may post a new message there.


Where can I contact the developers of AVSLib?

Either post a message at the most appropriate of the AVSLib project's forums or use this contact form.


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